The Vegas restaurant that serves shots in a mini Eiffel Tower

Located inside the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Vanderpump in Paris, owned by former ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ cast member Lisa Vanderpump, makes guests feel like they’re enjoying a meal in a French courtyard on a rainy day (passing by Vanderpump in Paris). The restaurants dinner options are filled with dishes inspired by French delights like crispy chicken confit and cast-iron ratatouille and its drink menu is a true love letter to Paris that includes cocktails like Louvre at First Sight, which is infused with jalapeño lemon honey and orange bitters, and champagne imported from France.

But arguably the centerpiece of the restaurant’s food and drink options is the Eiffel Tower. Located on its drinks menu, customers who order La Tour Eiffel are entitled to 12 shots of their choice from Vanderpump’s unique a la carte selection of shots in Paris, which includes blueberry vodka and whiskey à la carte among others. sin. And, according to Delight, the name of this drink is not just for show. Your alcohol will be served in a perfect miniature reconstruction of the Eiffel Tower.

So even though Vanderpump in Paris just opened this year (per Variety), its impressive menu and its Parisian atmosphere already seem to have made it a contender for one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas.