Kate Middleton: expert on the Duchess’ style errors – photos

It’s rare that Kate Middleton gets her style wrong, but like everyone else, she’s had a few fashion moments that an expert says she’s unlikely to repeat. Personal stylist and image coach Melissa Lund spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about when the Duchess’ outfit didn’t look as good as it could have.

Melissa started by telling Express.co.uk, “Kate Middleton doesn’t have too many fashion duds.”

This is especially true in recent years, as she has adapted to her role as a future queen consort.

Melissa said: “At first, in an attempt to look relatable, I felt she wore too many high street brands.

“It’s not exactly a fashion flop, but I just didn’t think it was right for her considering she was on her way to becoming a working royal.”

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These days, Kate expertly integrates the high street with the designer, also making sure to wear many of her clothes more than once.

“It’s a much better way to look relatable and maintain royal status and gravitas at the same time.”

Despite this, there are three ways Kate has captured attention with her outfits since then, according to the expert – ‘wardrobe malfunctions, breaking royal traditions and commensurate issues’.

Many will remember that Kate’s pretty yellow dress was blown away by a gust of wind during her Canadian tour in 2011.

At Wellington Airport in New Zealand in 2014, Kate experienced a similar moment when a gust of wind caught her dress as she carried a young Prince George off the plane.


Melissa referred to such instances as her “Marilyn Monroe moments”.

As for “breaking royal traditions”, Melissa said: “I believe the Queen prefers women in the Royal Family to wear skirts and dresses, but Kate often wears trousers.”

Last month, the Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Little Village Brent wearing black wide leg trousers, a white blazer and a white blouse.

She added: “Apparently the Queen doesn’t like the skirts being too short either.

“Personally, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about…but I’m not the Queen!” »

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But Kate’s biggest problem isn’t her Marilyn moments or her departure from typical royal dress — it’s her proportional issues, Melissa said.

The expert explained: “The Duchess of Cambridge is tall and slim with beautiful colors, so she should be relatively easy to dress up.

“However, just like the rest of us, she has commensurate issues that need to be glossed over if she is to be at her best.”

Although the Duchess addresses and slightly corrects this by generally wearing high heels, she must also be particularly careful of the clothes she wears, the expert said.

Melissa recommended to Kate – and all other women with equally fabulous physique: “Kate looks best in a fit and flare dress that doesn’t emphasize the end of her butt and the beginning of her legs.

“A pencil skirt or fitted dress will make the problem worse because you can see exactly where the bottom ends and the legs start and it will really throw off her proportions, making her torso look long and her legs look short.

“The perfect length for her is either midi so you can’t see where her knees are in relation to her height, or slightly above the knee because showing more legs gives the illusion of longer legs, in especially if she’s wearing bare shoes.”

Another trick to creating longer legs is to increase the size of the dress, but making sure this doesn’t affect the appearance of the front of the torso.

And what’s a style choice that Kate loves but eventually should do without?

“Kate seems to like high necklines but they’re not always her best friends,” Melissa said.

“She doesn’t have a huge bust, but she does have a long drop from the shoulder to the middle of the bust and a high neckline can make that worse.”